Zeki Basan is the founder and head instructor of Highland Survival Skills. Based in the Scottish highlands where he was born and raised, Zeki is passionate about wild places and has the opportunity to practice outdoor and traditional crafts in everyday life in his remote environment. He leads courses at his home base in the Cairngorms National Park and teaches courses all over Scotland, working with different companies that use his expertise to engage people in the environment.

Zeki makes sure he extends his knowledge by always experimenting with his craft and spending time with others who are also highly knowledgeable about surviving in the outdoors. He works with and learns from Patrick McGlinchey of Backwoods Survival School, and together, they run the Highlander course in the Cairngorms. Zeki also works closely with www.rvival.co.uk and together they run a unique course in Greenland.

When Zeki is not teaching survival skills, he works as a tree surgeon at Caledonian Tree Surgery, and for a number of years, he has worked as a winter Glacier Guide in Iceland. He makes his own films about his work, and he has featured in different documentaries.

‘Highland Survival Skills aims to hold on to the ancient skills and craft that were once part of every day life and to this day can give us a greater understanding of the environment around us.’